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Terms of use of the online B2B platform

  1. belongs to the company “Mana Gi SMPC” (headquarters: Nafsikas 237 Ilion, 131 22, Athens, Greece, hereinafter, and it is the website where there products presented on this website as well as on the website. These terms refer to the process of getting inquiries for products and you are invited to read these terms before navigating this website and getting inquiries for purchasing the available products. The navigation and inquiry purchase for the available products are governed by the terms mentioned below. For any information regarding these terms of use and the products available for sale, you can contact us by email at
    or by filling out the special contact form, which is provided at the link

  2. The use of the online store is allowed only to adults over 18 years of age and does not bear any responsibility in case of use of this website by minors, and in any such case, it is presumed that there is the required parental consent.

  3. Product description: The products, which are available for inquiries through the online store include food and beverages of Greek producers, such as indicative and not restrictive, olive oils, dairy products, pasta, flour, cold cuts, etc. The main features of the products for inquiries are presented on the website (e-shop). In the context of the presentation and sale, information is provided for each product, which information has been collected and is available to and by the producer of the product. and are not responsible for the content (such as indicative product ingredients, expiration date, harmonization with applicable law of the information provided on the product, origin, accuracy, completeness, etc.) of the information provided but the producers. In the presence of each product, there is an electronic link that refers to the website of each producer for further details about the producer. and are not responsible for the content of other websites or for any damage that may be caused by the use of links to other websites.

  4. reserves the right to modify these terms, which will be announced on the website Interested users should visit these websites frequently to be informed of any changes. These terms are governed by Greek law and the courts of Athens are designated responsible for any disputes that may arise.

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