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Thavmasio Rodi

Thavmasio Rodi

THAVMASIO RODI P.C. is an organic pomegranate products company established in Volos Greece in 2012. Our production activities cover the full spectrum from the orchard to the table with some very interesting stations in between, so as to boast that we are a fully integrated company employing an array of innovative production techniques.

Counting 5,300 trees, the THAVMASIO RODI orchard covers 27 acres of land in the Almyros area in Central Greece. In botanic terms the trees belong to the species Punica Granatum, Wonderful variety, and are Certified Organic according to the European legislation.

Inspired by an out of the box approach from the very beginning, the company has taken up the challenge to explore how efficiently one can practice farming in harmony with nature’s life cycles, following environmental values and good agricultural practices. In this sense, terms such as sustainability, self sufficiency, well-being, environmental and social responsibility, among others, are the roadmap of the daily agenda at the THAVMASIO RODI company.

This attitude is reflected in our cultivation philosophy which can be summarized in our dedication to "healing the soil" of the orchard. To this end, we have developed an exclusive protocol for growing beneficial microorganisms - more commonly known as probiotics - on the use of which we have based an innovative approach to the cultivation of our pomegranate trees.

Over the years, and the corresponding growth of the trees to maturity, we have taken an additional step towards integration, by building our industrial unit for juice extraction and the production of the LIQUID RUBY© family of products, including our pomegranate jelly variety, sweet and sour pomegranate sauce and pomegranate caviar.

This project was completed in 2019 and put into operation within the orchard. The conscious choice of integrating the industrial complex into the spatial limits of the orchard - thus eliminating the need for unnecessary transport - safeguards the highest possible quality of the fruits from its otherwise inevitable degradation due to exposure to harmful environmental conditions. Simultaneously, keeping the whole batch of byproducts – agricultural as well as industrial – within the integrated premises for recycling and reuse, ensures that there will be available raw materials for next year’s cultivation season at no extra cost for transportation and disposal, thus keeping the overall environmental footprint to a minimum.

The THAVMASIO RODI company, despite of its modest scale, can be proud about the remarkable degree of integration running through the whole spectrum of its productive activities, starting from the special values of our cultivation protocol that ensures the unique properties of the soil that hosts our trees, all the way up to the uncompromisable production procedures and the superior quality of the products they deliver.



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