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We live in a magnificent region of Northern Greece with beautiful natural forests of oak and beech trees, extremely rich in wild mushrooms.

Our early memories…
In our childhood, our parents and grandparents took us to long walks in the woods. It was the then that we actually came in touch with the wildlife of the mountain:
We learned to respect the nature and all living creatures, collect only what nature
had to offer and coexist in harmony.
We learned to observe the weather and the change of seasons, to explore the environment, to consume seasonal foods, to value biodiversity and embrace ecology as a way of life.
We discovered the wild herbs and greens, the wild mushrooms. We learned to identify and carefully forage the edible species.
And finally we learned to enjoy them – with all five senses.

…turned into our passion…
Over the years our first love for wild mushrooms turned into our passion. In 1998 we founded our family business, under the company name Mushrooms Hellas.

Mushrooms Hellas is a mushroom business rooted in our family tradition of foraging. We work with expert foragers and carefully collect wild, edible mushrooms and fungi from the forests and woods of Northern Greece & Epirus: porcini, chanterelles, black trumpets, golden trumpets, Caesar’s mushrooms, white truffles and black truffles.
Immediately after collection, we sort, clean, dehydrate or freeze, and process the forest mushrooms naturally – no preservatives, no additives and natural process of desinsectisation.

When it comes to truffles, we’re one of the experts and we source the finest types of truffles from our region. We use the best truffles and we offer a range of specialty truffle products: truffle slices, truffle oils, truffle sauce and truffle cream. Therefore, you can enjoy the unique truffle taste all year round!

…for a tasteful step into the future
Driven by our experiences and our everlasting love for natural food, we constantly strive:
• To share our passion for Greek wild mushrooms with all mushroom lovers
• To promote premium quality Greek forest mushrooms
• To educate on their gorgeous nutritional and culinary value
• To offer cooking inspiration
• For you to taste the absolute essence:

100% natural mushrooms with fabulous aromas and taste.



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