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Located 35 kilometres away from Ancient Olympia and at an altitude of 436 meters, the village Chora of Gortynia region and specifically the estate ¨Ladon¨ is where the local variety of olive ¨Olympia Choraitiki ¨is cultivated.

Products of the specific cultivation are the olive oils «ladon liberator», «ladon in arcadia ego» and «ladon thelpousa», all extra virgin oils very rich in polyphenoles and scualene.

This variety, at least 2500 years old was used for making «Kotinos», the wreath decorated with olive tree leaves, offered to the winners of Ancient Olympic Games as a prize symbol of universal peace and freedom. The wreath made of olive tree leaves had a symbolic value and was supposed to bring fortune and divine protection to the honored athlete.

In 2020 we began our first exports in America. Our efforts were rewarded with the achievement of the 1st golden award in the competition «Olympia awards 2020».

In 2021 we got the 2nd golden award in the competition «Olympia Awards 2021».

Also in 2021 we got the 1nd double golden award with our olive oil «ladon liberator» while with «ladon in arcadia ego» we got the golden award in the competition «Aristoleo Awards».

During 2021-2022 we began bottling our olive oils «ladon liberator», «ladon in arcadia ego» and «ladon thelpousa».



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