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Our company's name is ""Mitropoulos I. - Lyras G."" I.K.E. and it started its operations on 27 May 2015. Our brand name is ""Fenea Gh"" private capital company and finally our logo is ""Dikotylon"". We are based in Feneos, Corinthia. The company's shareholders are : Ioannis Mitropoulos, and Lyras Giorgos. The company's administrator is Lyras Dimitris.

Our main activity involves the screening, the collection, the standardization and the marketing of the Feneos' legumes and herbs. Our primary concern is to maintain a high quality for our products, from their production to the consumer. For this reason, except for the legumes and the herbs that we produce ourselves, we make sure that the products that we get from our producers comply with our rules and principles regarding quality and excellence. Notably, our ""Vanilla Beans"" and ''Fava of Feneos'' has been certified by the European Union (Protected Designation of Origin - PDO, Protected Geographical Indication - PDI).
Finally, since we respect the need and desire of every potential consumer to maintain a high nutritional level, we apply traditional and ecological ways to disinfest our products.



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