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12 Stremmata

12 Stremmata

12stremmata is an organic farm of aromatic plants and herbs. It was created in 2014 with a lot of love and ‘meraki’ by Katerina and Vasilis and hosts a variety of aromatic plants, as well as the family bee swarm, with a tradition in beekeeping for over 25 years.

12stremmata, using an ancient medicine, honey, as the main ingredient come to create an innovative line of honey series called Voria Chora, consisting of the unique Greek lavender honey as well as flower honey with the addition of herbs.

The range is framed by excellent honey flavors from the mountains of the area.

The idea of ​​12stremmata is the respect for nature. It is the duty of all of us to bequeath a clean environment to the next generations but also to pass on to them the importance of taking care of our home, Earth.



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